Apr 14, 2010

Ai's Twitter

Let's follow her!


Jan 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to Ai !

Happy Birthday, Ai-chan! ^^

I will update this blog shortly. By the way, I hope that Ai can bless me with her breasts again...

Dec 17, 2009

淫乱感染病棟 第三章 佐山愛 is out

Just to let you know Ai's latest work, 淫乱感染病棟 第三章 佐山愛, can be found in those JAV sites

I will have the last exam of this semster tomorrow. Let's hope I will be blessed by Ai's breast again (・∀・)

Dec 15, 2009

Ai's blog updated (Dec 14)

Ai has moved to a new agency: PAFAN.

She attends the fan club activity of the new agency and was very popular among the fans already. She hopes that the fans would take care of her future. In return she will have her blog updated more frequently LOL

Here are the photos taken.

I gonna revise for tomorrow's exam...Please bless me with your breast, Ai (・∀・)

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Dec 8, 2009

Ai's Apperance on Yuma Asami's Blog

They had the dinner together after visiting the stage.

Yuma Asami (麻美ゆま) mentioned that Ai couldn't sop talking during the meal LOL

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Dec 4, 2009

Ai's sales figure in November

S1 and DMM has released the sales figure of Nov 2009. Ai's new work, ギリモザ 男ヲ犯ス逆痴漢 佐山愛, released on 11/19, sadly, fails to break into S1's Top 10 best-selling DVD and DMM's Top 100 Best-selling Video of December.

However, Ai ranks 59th in November DMM Best-selling Actress, which is not too bad I guess.
The best is yet to come!

Hitomi (田中瞳), my another favorite JAV star, ranks 60th, what a coincidence!

New pictures at Man-zoku HP (Dec)

Ai's blog updated (Dec 2)

Ai's love manual is out finally!

You can leave down your name here and Ai will speak out your name plus teaching how to flirt with girls.

How sweet! But everything is in Japanese unfortunately...

The Muscat DVD is now available, too.

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New pictures at Yorutama.net (Nov 29)

Ai's blog updated (Nov 23)

"It has been a week that I haven't made an update for the blog. " Ai says.

Ai mentions that she focuses on the work everyday so there's no spare time for her updating the blog.

Me too. The final exam is approaching, sigh! Again please bless me with your breast, Ai ^^

A picture taken in the wedding party recently:

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New pictures at Yorutama.net (Nov 22)

Nov 21, 2009

ギリモザ 男ヲ犯ス逆痴漢 佐山愛

Just to let you know Ai's latest video, ギリモザ 男ヲ犯ス逆痴漢 佐山愛 , can be found in those JAV BT sites. This video is a real classic. Ai keeps seducing random males everywhere!

At the toilet:

At the ward:

At the train:

At the office:

At the changing room:

And at the classroom, I like this scene most as the actor acts so innocent!~

Ai looks so pretty in the ending ^^

Let's hope this video can boost Ai's poor sales record at S1 lately.

Ai's blog updated (Nov 16)

Ai's friends think that Ai looks like an (aged) lady lately LOL

The weather is pretty nice lately so Ai hasn't purchased the winter clothes yet.

Aika-chan bought this yogurt sheet mask from Korea and Ai will get back home as early as possible to use it ~ ♪

Today Ai was the neighbor in the anterior chamber ♪

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New pictures at Yorutama.net (Nov 15)

Ai's blog updated (Nov 14)

This little strawberry is from Sapporo and is very delicious ~ ♪

Ai has been "graduated" from the MAN-ZOKUディーバ. It has been a year for her participating in this video. Ai thanks so much for the support from the fans and she has lots of happy memories in Sapporo.

NEON Chi-chan's hair treatment tool is awesome~!

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淫乱感染病棟 第三章 虜囚 佐山愛

Ai will release a new video titled 淫乱感染病棟 第三章 虜囚 佐山愛 (Infectious and Nasty Ward Chapter 3 Prisoner Ai Sayama) on 12/16/2009 in MAXING. 淫乱感染病棟 is a new sequel series in MAXING. Chapter 1 and 2 are performed by Mihiro (みひろ) and Akiho Yoshizawa (吉沢明歩) respectively.

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Nov 12, 2009

Ai's blog updated (Nov 12)

What is it really look like yakisoba Teka?

The photographer's foot.

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Ai's blog updated (Nov 11)

Ai came to Sapporo again.
Ai feels good to look at leaves and snow, but Diva Costume makes Ai so cold...

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Ai's blog updated (Nov 10)

Ai's taking photos for a magazine.

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